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Health,Safety and Security update

Marwa Yehia
- 11/19/2020 07:34:04

Dear Parents,
Please ensure to comply to the  following procedures for the sake of an effective control measures:

Arrival and departure times are the very busiest hours of the day. For safety purposes, we ask that all children are dropped off at the Main door gate by 10:00 AM 
To better assist us with breakfast counts, you must call in by 09:00AM if your child will be arriving after the10:00AM drop-off time.
Dropping your child off during breakfast time is strongly discouraged. This is not only disrupting other children that are trying to proceed with their schedule, but it may also upset your own child if they have to join as soon as they arrive. 

It is very important for security, policy, and licensing regulations that ALL children are with an adult at ALL times. After children have been checked-in, it is mandatory that the parent/guardian physically escorts each child solely to the gate and properly transfers care to the nanny. Likewise, checking-out any child requires that a parent/guardian physically escorts each child out, once care has transferred back to that authorized person.

All visitors with appointments must sign in and out of our visitor log located in the front entrance. To ensure the security of all involved, identification is required for all unfamiliar visitors. In addition, visitors are required to be accompanied by a staff member and are never to be left alone while in the campus.Only students or visitors with appointments will be allowed into the campus.

For any daily concerns, please log your request/complaint via our parent portal.

Marwa Yehia
Preschool Principal
Alexandria British Columbia Canadian International School

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